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2010-01-03 02:50
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helder 2010-01-03 02:50 Rev.: 492

Created for development resources (dev_resources);
Included some snippets of jQuery.

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  • dev_resources: alfa.xcf (del), delete.svgz (del), endturn.svgz (del), exclamation.svgz (del), exifinfo.svgz (del), exit.svgz (del), more.xcf (del), navigator_next.svgz (del), navigator_prev.svgz (del), svn_add.svgz (del), tool_star.svgz (del), tretas.xcf (del), tretas_normal.svg (del), tretas_not_working.xcf (del), tretas_pagination.xcf (del), tretas_pagination_active.xcf (del), tretas_pagination_end.xcf (del), tretas_pagination_middle.xcf (del), tretas_pagination_start.xcf (del), tretas_pelos_outros.xcf (del)
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